Rachelle Cruz: Disobedient (After Gingee)

After Gingee

Ginger is a sliver
of ripe bark in the boil
Moomhahton A whistle
to myself Ancestors
skipping rocks on sidewalk
Dance & clean my mother
makes with her coconut husk
—See, accomplishing
two things at once,


Savor wedding of slapping feet
& Jocelyn Enriquez
“Do You Miss Me?”
A wind billowing
school girl ribs into cloud air
Sweat through this
Bamboo sticks
DJs correcting some aquatic


Voice doesn’t trip up
Spark friction on this scrap
of carpet I’m breathless
Forget it in a good way
In the way of lovely lonely
Inside vision
of an overflowing river
My mouth returning
where it belongs Ocean
of clapping and tremor
of salty sweet reverb


Gotta ghost
Gotta slick air
Gotta move as if the spirit
Gotta greet the body
Gotta move cup air
Like gold teeth


Disobedient ear
Swinging fish above her head
Grip of sand in the corner
of her teacher’s eye Stinky
fish girl obedient Disobedient
body The laughter of
—I couldn’t help
But smell this way

Rachelle Cruz is from Hayward, California. She is the author of God’s Will for Monsters (Inlandia, 2017), which won an American Book Award in 2018 and the Hillary Gravendyk Regional Poetry Prize in 2016.

Gingee is a DJ/producer, percussionist and vocalist known for her unique take on global bass. Her work is a reflection of the sounds and cultures she has been exposed to growing up in Los Angeles as well as the musical world of her Filipino ancestors and beyond. Her productions incorporate the sounds of percussion instruments such as the kulintang (gongs native to the Philippines), kettle drum, and cowbells with rap and poetry. Her 2015 EP “Tambol” made waves in the global music community and she is currently working on a 4-part album series which will be released on every solstice and equinox throughout the year. She has performed at Coachella, SXSW, Burning Man, Malasimbo Festival, Grand Performances, Magic Garage (an art and music festival she founded) and has been featured on KPFK, Red Bull Radio, BBC Radio, KXLU, LA Weekly, and KCET with releases on Party Time Society, Cassette Blog, Generation Bass, That Kind Of Music / Sony Red, and Moomba+. More music on http://www.gingee.bandcamp.com